Should I change my job? The Anatomy of Indecision.


Indecision is a state of being, often caused by a lack of information.

“Should I change my job?” Seems like a pretty straight yes/no question, however it is one of the most difficult questions to answer. In this type of scenario, there can be a lack of information about the job to be, or a lack of information about what you value in your professional life. Here are a couple of simple guidelines to help you in your decision making process.

Information. Do you have all of the information that you need about the new job and have you compared it in detail to your existing one? For instance, salary, hours and benefits package only look enticing. But what about work environment and travel? When push comes to shove, are you moving up the ladder or is your move lateral? How does seniority play out as a factor? What is the culture of the new company? What is the new company’s philosophy? Is there room for both personal and professional growth within this new position? Could there be an opportunity for both personal and professional growth in your current position?

Knowledge. How well do you know your values. What do you value most in your professional life? We’d like to think that we know ourselves. We’d like to think that we are all personal experts on the subject matter of ‘me’. However, we are such complex human beings that what we value most isn’t always obvious, especially when what we want is to truly ‘have it all’. Confusing matters even more is a society that shouts at us what we “should” want to obtain for ourselves. Often much of what we truly value resides in our ‘blind spot’. However, in order to prioritize properly and make decisions, it’s important to excavate this “blind spot”, bringing it into the light. This empowers us with crucial information about our professional values, as well as our own decision making styles, helping us to understand why we make the choices we make and helping us to determine if these are the proper choices that will align our actions with our values.

Changing jobs can be an easy decision if the benefits of the new job are overwhelmingly obvious, such as a significantly higher salary, a fantastic benefits package or a work week that allows you to spend more time with your family. These are the obvious characteristics that make a career move that much more appealing and easier to make. However, often a new job often has more subtle differences than your current job, and that makes the decision a little more difficult to make. Here, the decision making process can be painstaking, even when the final decision will ultimately benefit you.

Does an opportunity to work from home truly mean more family time?
It’s always great to be able to pick the kids up from school or throw in a load of laundry in between business calls. If you are contemplating working from home, it’s important to evaluate whether or not your new boss or company will offer you the support you need in order to be as successful in the position as you would like to be. Are you disciplined enough to work from home? Or do you need the structure that a business environment affords? Does the company offer the organizational and support structure that you need in order to truly accomplish project assignments within a certain amount of hours working from home, or does the ‘work from home’ actually guarantee work hours that are spilling over into your family time?

We are a society of options, and although it’s great to know that options exist, sometimes we inadvertently choose to jump out of the pot into the fire. Other times, we might be sitting on our hands when a fabulous opportunity presents itself to us, or even dragging our feet to make a decision. Having guidelines, an abundance of information, time to process this information, and most importantly, knowing our professional values, business fit and decision making style makes all the difference in the world in helping us make good career choices.

The New Way to Write


Visiting my son’s back-to-school night, I learned the most during the Art rotation, when his teacher broke down the elements of creativity for us. They are:


You see, most people believe that all writers and artists are supposed to begin with inspiration and this is just not so. Creativity always begins with preparation.

For instance, I do my best writing when I’m walking my dog. But how can you write while you’re walking your dog, you ask. Easy – it all begins with preparation. While I’m grabbing Jenna’s leash with my right hand, I’m reaching for my phone and earphones with my left.

Modern technology has a way of replacing pen and paper. But I’m still not ready to write at this point, for incubation must still take place. I walk. I look around. I notice the sky, the trees, the flowers, the squirrels… I acknowledge others on the road, until the creative spirit moves me and I am so inspired.

And then I write.

I talk.

I talk my writing into my phone. I record everything that the Universe channels through me, or at least whatever comes to mind. Then I email it to myself or upload it to Google Docs, where I can reread it at a later date to evaluate for possible revisions.

Using this technique, and technology, you can write from anywhere… your car, the bathroom, while walking… the possibilities are endless!

And this is what I’m sharing with you. This is how I wrote most of my first book, The Seven Pillars of Reinvention: Finding your Passion & Purpose.

And this is how I’m writing my second book! I hope this supports you in finding the time and technique that you need (just a little every day) to put all that fabulous information and intellectual property swimming around inside of your head down on paper for physical tangible results and monetization!

Please share this, as what you do for others always comes back to you tenfold! It may not return to you through the channels you are seeking, however the universe has a way of bringing it all right back and laying it at your feet!

Tracy Kawa is founder of Kawa Community Partners, helping you to better utilize your skills, strengths and passions to navigate and transition easily through life’s ups and downs. Developer of The Kawa Assessment, Tracy helps you achieve what you really, REALLY want! Your strengths bring your value to the world… create the possibilities!

Your One Way to Rock!… and LEAD!

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Recently, an extremely successful businessman took The Kawa Assessment, an online assessment tool which helps to identify one’s professional strengths and ideal business fit. This particular businessman is probably one of the most humble men you can imagine. He confided that he was surprised that the Assessment results didn’t peg him as more of a ‘leader’. Immediately I responded that it is he who recognizes the fantastic business ideas he hears and it is he who pulls entire teams together to make it all happen, consistently and instinctively! And this is precisely how he leads!

So what can we learn from this interaction?

We learn that no matter who we are, and regardless of our degree of success, we each have a vision of ourselves, and a vision of how the world sees us. Whether correct or incorrect, how we see ourselves, and how we think the world sees us, are merely matters of perception. In fact, my favorite quote from Orison Swett Marden, founder of Success magazine, is “We lift ourselves with our thought. We climb upon our vision of ourselves….” Perhaps he meant with the support of a wonderful assessment tool!

Why is this important? It’s important because you can’t see what you can’t see… a.k.a.: you don’t know what you don’t know!

Confused? Let me simplify:

You know that one great friend that you’ve got? The one you can ask anything and they’ll always tell you the truth about the situation? Well, that’s what a great professional assessment does for you, without the drink meet-up and the ‘how’s the family’ formality. A successful assessment tool helps you cut through all of that misperception to find the realistic view of your authentic self, that you can bring into your personal branding and ultimately, into your professional branding in order to create a clear and fantastic message and build a wildly winning team.

And what’s the message behind the message here?

Remember the humble guy I mentioned? He didn’t lead by creating an original vision of a product or service, but rather, he led with his ability to recognize a vision that would work well in a particular business climate. He also led with his strength in his managerial skills. What he did was take his own strengths and ways of doing things, stayed authentic to his own style, and found his Own Way to Rock… and Lead! Armed and dangerous with the knowledge from his Assessment results- I saw the figurative light bulb flash above his head. I sure as heck can’t wait to see what he creates next… as he consciously steps into his power, aware of his own leadership style!

Find your own way to rock… and lead… by taking The Kawa Assessment at or call Tracy at 561-239-0322.

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