It’s Riskier To Be Unhappy!

July 1, 2017

If you think you don’t have enough time left to take risks, you may be looking at the subject from the wrong side of the lens. The truth of the matter is, you don’t have enough time left to be unhappy!

I always refer back to Steve. Steve was an accountant who loved his job, yet disliked his current place of employment. He just didn’t share the home office’s philosophies and culture.  He wasn’t the right “fit” for that environment.  Steve stepped out on faith, opened his own business, hit the ground running and never looked back.  Today Steve is doing very, very well for himself in his business.

I learned something when I heard this. I learned that if you believe in something strong enough, then it’s important to step out on faith and go for it.

There are too many naysayers in our personal space, stopping us from growing beyond it. There are too many fear-based people who are happy to kill our dreams because they never pursued their own. And you know who they are! Be a cheerleader for yourself instead. Only share your ideas with those who support you. Understand that the universe is here to support you and wants you to win!

Still too afraid to take the giant leap? Start a side venture that allows you to explore your passions on the weekends or in the evenings. The bank will only bring you so much ROI. Consider investing in yourself!  Take a business class, learn a foreign language, do something to increase your own personal value. Love the beauty industry? Start a side business selling skin care. Get to know your strengths in order to capitalize on them. Find out your weaknesses to improve upon them.  Or simply start assessing yourself to find out what is holding you back from all that you truly desire in your professional career!

Summertime is the time to refuel, re-energized and to strategize on your upcoming success.  Use this time wisely!  Plan, assess and set actionable and measurable goals!  Every great invention and company was started the same exact way… with a first step!