What does it take to stop the violence in our schools?
What does it take to MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN?

Let’s teach our kids values, the old-fashioned kind. Let’s share with them the message that everyone, each and every one of us, has a purpose here on earth. We are ALL important!

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Lend your voice to the cause! Your power can help set big changes into action!

Join the Conversation to Make America SAFE Again!
Where do we start? Email us your thoughts!

1. Stricter gun laws
2. Mandatory reporting of schools to authorities when any student has threatened another student’s life.
3. Commenting on an ammunition supply on social media rather than reporting it to authorities makes a person an accomplice automatically.
4. Closed & closely monitored school grounds & campuses.
5. Gun detectors.
6. Social media accountability
7. Parental accountability.
8. Improvement of mental health identification and treatment
9. Less money on prisons and more money on educating people
10. Mandatory self control and self-defense training
11. Mandatory transformational, sensitivity, compassion training

What else? Keep the ideas coming, and we’ll keep adding them.