Madeleine Cruz – ACC/ICF, MHS Certified
Program Director, Coach

Madeleine Cruz, better known to us as Maddi, is an educator, facilitator & program creator. Focusing her Leadership training in three areas – Communication, Excellence in Customer Service, and Expanding Consciousness- Maddi supports individuals and teams in envisioning their highest selves, thereby producing the greatest results.

Maddi has designed many coaching programs, including Woman and Challenger; YOU-The Protagonist of Your Life; Teachers of Today and The Necessary Tools for Better Relationships Between Parents and Teenagers. Her Training includes Behavior Modification, Solution Focused coaching, High Performance Team coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Preventative Counseling. Fluent in English & Portuguese, Maddi is a stand for transforming & empowering others!

“All factors in the World are important, but the most important factor that impacts the World is The Human Factor.” ~Maddi Cruz