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Career Assessment


LinkedIn Optimization & Resume Writing


Career Advice

Identifying where your passions meet your strengths! Creating supportive teams to help you succeed!

Who We Are

We are a professional career assessment company, dedicated to providing professional development tools for leaders and those in career transition.

What We Do

Our tools are used by individuals, business teams, coaches and those looking to learn, understand, and step into a more proactive, productive & professional relationship with themselves and their co-workers.

Who We Help

Leaders, employees & those reinventing themselves,
Entrepreneurs & encore entrepreneurs,
Job transition candidates
Students & Recent Grads - Identify your ideal career path!


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Tracy Kawa has a true gift for building relationships between people and their respective businesses. The synergy that her team creates is astounding. She is a true professional with exceptional skills and a winning personality.

Dale Miller

Founder Daring by Design - award winning commercial interior design firm

Tracy Kawa gets to the source of individuals’ and organizations’ million dollar value and then brands their differentiators to produce highly effective results.

Mia Hewett

Leadership, Executive, Entrepreneurial Coaching & Host of ​"The Conversation with Mia Hewett" Sponsored by Forbes on BYL

Adrienne Parker – Parker Avenue, ‘Girl on a Mission’:  Tracy works with coaches, professionals, and HR directors. She has developed a unique and brilliant assessment tool that reveals deep insights for people who want to make changes in their professional lives. The assessment results come back in a well-written and insightful report. In fact, I just got off the phone with her and the whole session was over-the-top wonderful. I have new insights and a new perspective on things I’ve been struggling to figure out for years. Her feedback was so fresh and right on. Honestly, I couldn’t have done this without her. I can’t wait to put her ideas into action. I’m really jazzed.

Adrienne Parker

Parker Avenue - Girl on a Mission

The Kawa Assessment pointed out my business strengths and values that I didn’t even know that I had. It guided me in the direction of going back to school for art management, which is an idea I have been wavering back and forth with for a while. The results coincided with the Myers-Briggs test that I took last week; whereas that was more of a social personality test, this assessment was more career oriented with my strengths in the workplace. Overall, it gave me motivation and comfort going forward into the next phase of my professional life.

Chelsea G.

 I highly recommend The Kawa Assessment, as it will prevent you from losing time, money and, most importantly, save you from a lot of pain stemming from your underlying conflicts that you may currently have that are holding you back from reaching the next level of your success. Thanks Tracy, your Assessment changed the way I see this entrepreneurial odyssey, and my life, forever. 

Yo recomiendo el Kawa Assessment con muchísimo entusiasmo ya que te ahorra mucho tiempo, dinero y quizás lo más importante, te ahorra muchísimo dolor producto de los conflictos internos que cada uno de nosotros lleva y que te mantienen anclado no permitiéndote alcanzar el siguiente nivel en tu escalera del éxito.

Marcos Levy

Tracy, I'm so glad I hired you to write my new resume. I was worried that it would be cold and sterile and not be me. But you fit in just enough of me to make me sound special! I do so many different jobs it's hard to describe all of them. You managed to keep them all organized with your clean writing style. I can't thank you enough!

Gina Menendez

Tracy is exceptional. Her professionalism and expertise shined as she worked with me to re-evaluate my career path and adroitly re-crafted my resume. It brought to light several things I had never considered. I offer my highest recommendation for her warm personality, intelligence, personalized approach, and professional product output.

Dr. Rich Friedland

Tracy and her team did a phenomenal job on my resume. They were very thoughtful and receptive to my feedback and what I was looking to highlight on my resume. The Kawa team members are impressive wordsmiths and I am pleased with the end result. My resume has never been so polished! I highly recommend Tracy and her services.

Morgan R Nimmons

Tracy has done an amazing job, not just helping me write my resume and cover letter, but in transforming the way that I approach my career search as well as the way I perceive my accomplishments. Her assessment of my values and professional needs was spot on. She challenged me to think more critically about my career goals and how I can leverage my existing accomplishments to help achieve those goals. Through this process, I also learned how to better focus my job search efforts, using my system of values as a framework. I have really enjoyed working with Tracy and I can say with 100% certainty that the experience was transformational. I could not have done this on my own. Thank you Tracy!

Mark Jordan

The Kawa Assessment is unique in approach in defining who you are as a person (values), and where those values fit in a career style. I feel that many “personality test” are designed to define how you interact at work which is only one part of you. The more you understand about your self and what work environment aligns with your core values the more successful you will become professionally and personally. Her assessment is profoundly precise and I would highly recommend her to anybody considering a career change, or any change in their environment!

Terry Hahn