3 Things to Remove from Your LinkedIn Profile – Quickly

Un-Professional Profile Photo

For better or worse, appearances matter.  And first impressions matter.  You must consider the image that you want to portray to clients, colleagues, recruiters, and potential employers.

The people with whom you might do business will want to see an image on LinkedIn that creates a value alignment. And a clear, recent head shot works best. You don’t have to hire a professional photographer if it’s not in the budget.  But at a minimum, have a clear, well-lit image of you in an environment that aligns with your potential employers.

If you’re an artist, a suit might not look natural.  And if you’re in professional services, or an executive, a polo shirt would’t be the right image either.  It’s about alignment with whom you’re trying to attract. LinkedIn is a marketing tool, not just professional networking.

Boring Headlines

By default, LinkedIn will populate your profile title to your current role, at your current company.  Sometimes this works, but often it does not.  It usually says very little about you.

You have 120 characters in this space to create something highly-compelling about you if you take the time get creative.  You should use a combination of your title, your hard skills, transferrable skills, and a keyword phrase or two.  Make it about what you offer, not just what you do.

If you’re working with recruiters, or want to be found by recruiters, they will most often use keyword queries / boolean operators to find qualified candidates.  If you aren’t equally creative about what they might be searching for, you won’t show up.  It’s like being on page 100 for a Google search.  It doesn’t matter how great you might be, you’ll largely cease to exist.

Outdated Information

Your LinkedIn profile is part of your online marketing package. So whether you are looking for new connections in your industry or for new job opportunities, out-of-date information can cost you.

Outdated emails, job descriptions, companies – all information that you should check and update every few months.  As a resume writing team, we’ve found most often that clients don’t track what they do on weekly or monthly basis, and then when it comes time to update their resume, they scramble to remember all of their accomplishments and achievements.  LinkedIn is a perfect place to host your living resume.

In addition, if you’re serious about your career growth, you’d be surprised at how much more focused you’ll be on your career if you start to think through, and quantify, what you do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and how that contributes to your growth, your team, and your company.



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