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Personality is not the only indicator of behavior. Find out why!

Tracy Kawa, Oct. 2022

The science of personality is a fascinating subject! What most people don’t know is that the science of personality is based on a 1950s study by psychologist William Marston, in which he was attempting to figure out how pilots would fare if they fell behind enemy lines.

Although personality is one strong indicator of behavior, it is not the only science that indicates behavior, and it has no correlation to compatibility.

K-BAT, The Kawa business assessment tool, originally created by a behavioral scientist who spent 30 years in the field, takes Assessments to a whole new level. While taking personality into account, K-BAT uses six additional sciences to help you understand what we referred to as your ‘professional DNA’. What makes you the business person who you are? Where are your strengths, where are your weaknesses, what are your values, and what value conflicts might you have that are currently making you unhappy at work? K-BAT Also helps us understand the way we make our decisions. When you combine this understanding of your mental filters, along with a deep understanding of your values, then you can make the best values based driven decisions possible.

Science is a beautiful thing, and as in all walks of life, there is constant evolution. That is why it is important to take several sciences into account when determining behavior. One science will get you so far. Multi-sciences will bring you to a meta-analysis of yourself, and a deep understanding of how you best work. It will reveal the things that reside in your blindspot which, once you overcome, will help you become the business person that you truly want to be. Understanding this about yourself will also allow you and your organization to wisely choose the members that you want to have on your team with you.

With knowledge comes wisdom. The first step in understanding how to grow a great business and team is to gain a deep understanding of ourselves as business people.

Contact us today about the K-BAT to find out your professional DNA and create an action plan for your next level of success!

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