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Tracy Kawa

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Meet Tracy Kawa

Tracy Faith Kawa is a Community Advocate, Speaker, and Entrepreneur who has supported hundreds of professionals in tapping into their God-given purpose.

Author of The Seven Pillars of Reinvention: Finding Your Passion & Purpose, creator of the Kawa Certification, and owner of the Kawa Assessment, Tracy is a Master Trainer in the meta-analysis psychometric assessment space, inspiring individuals to step into their calling.

In the franchise space, Tracy is the head of training and coaching at Zorakle Profiles, and a Co-Host on The Fanchise Woman Podcast: Where Passion and Purpose Collide.

Her accomplishments include co-creating Kawa Orthodontics, the largest solo-practitioner orthodontic practice in the world, coaching a Chief Technology Officer to win an additional $13.5 million through the delivery of a persuasive presentation, and helping start-ups and non-profits to win competition prizes.

Tracy believes in creating career security as opposed to job security, and she has worked with hundreds of professionals, helping them disrupt their narrow vision to build upon their highest vision of themselves and harness their God-given gifts and talents to thrive in their careers.

Today, Tracy facilitates coaches and consultants with the trainings, creativity, and business tools they need to succeed and helps their clients achieve clarity, confidence, and certainty.

Tracy lives in Boca Raton, Florida, with her significant other, Reggie, and their two boys and dogs. An advocate of children and animals, she is a brand ambassador and podcast host for The American Society for the Positive Care of Children’s live show: A Brighter Future Starts Here.

American SPCC

Praise and Testimonials

She is perhaps the world's best connector!!!

I worked with Tracy on community project vital to my heart. She was amazing at gets business involved. She is a great connector. She is perhaps the world's best connector. She knows how to promote and market.

I highly recommend Kawa Partners services!

Tracy is a wonderful addition to services I can provide my clients. She has been such a great resource and I truly appreciate all she has done to help me, my clients, and employees in transition. I highly recommend Kawa Partners services!

Barbara Trumbly J.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Great combination of methodological and emotional skills!

Tracy's great combination of methodological and emotional skills was instrumental to help me find answers to key career questions. Her style and structure stimulates ideas and sends any professional mind souring. If you are looking for answers on who you really are and what best you can do in your career, I highly recommend Tracy's professional coaching.

The Kawa Assessment changed the way I see this entrepreneurial odyssey, and my life, forever!!!

A few months ago while making my business transition from the Medical field to the Financial field, I took The Kawa Assessment with a group of other entrepreneurs. Little did I know at the time that this was a tool designed to help people like me to identify obstacles and help overcome challenges. At the beginning I was skeptical about the Assessment, but when I receive the results I was shocked! This entrepreneurial assessment is a perfectly clear picture of who I am. Some of the skills and weakness I already knew. What was revealed to me, however, was my skills balance, the integration of my abilities with my possibilities, and how I can select my best option between a few based on who I really am, what motivates me, my core values, and my work style! The Kawa Assessment opened my eyes, made me rethink my business and take actions to put my real abilities to the service of my needs, and ultimately, my clients needs. I highly recommend The Kawa Assessment, as it will prevent you from losing time, money and, most importantly, save you from a lot of pain stemming from your underlying conflicts that you may currently have that are holding you back from reaching the next level of your success. Thanks Tracy, your Assessment changed the way I see this entrepreneurial odyssey, and my life, forever.

Amazing leader, trainer, and guide!!!

Amazing leader, trainer, and guide on the long journey of my career. She understands how to put together the aspects of your career into a well presented package. She also helped me find a path to where I wanted. Thank you!

Erik T

Infinitely Grateful

When you are at your worst, she is at her best. She was the spark that turned me around. She helped me discover multiple options and assigned me actions to get me to a good place.

Highly effective results!!!

Tracy Kawa gets to the source of individuals' and organizations' million dollar value and then brands their differentiators to produce highly effective results.

I highly recommend Tracy!

Tracy is an amazingly talented professional. She has great intuition, listening skills, industry knowledge and compassion for her clients. The assessment was spot on and gave me a road map as to the next steps to take professionally. I highly recommend Tracy!

Jane Thielen

Tracy is very competent and helpful. The money I invested in her services paid many times over!!

Tracy offers an assessment to help customers determine what kind of company best suits your personality and work expectations. The information from the evaluation helped me weed out the employment opportunities that were not suited for my strengths and work-culture aspirations. This steps saved me time, as I was able to reduce the number of applications I put out. My career is multi-faceted, and I could apply for three related but different types of positions. I paid Tracy for one resume review, and she gave me guidelines so I could rewrite the other two. She also provided feedback about how to optimize my LinkedIn profile. Tracy is very competent and helpful. The money I invested in her services paid many times over.

L. Beatriz Arnillas Leader in Educational Strategy

Her assessment was incredibly insightful and gave me some clarity and direction!!!

Tracy was exceptionally knowledgeable and understanding throughout the process of completing my assessment and assisting me in updating and optimizing my resume. Her assessment was incredibly insightful and gave me some clarity and direction as to how I would like to move forward in my career. She and her team were extremely professional and went above and beyond to ensure that I got the most out of the experience.

Her proficiency is simply off the charts!

I can't say enough about the impact that Tracy has had in helping me to properly evaluate and assess my clients. Her insight is spot on and her recommendations are routinely exceptional. She's also demonstrated a very real passion for what she does and it's refreshing. Further, her proficiency is simply off the charts. I highly recommend her without any reservation!

I feel so much more confident when I apply for positions!!!

The Kawa Assessment was spot on! I worked with Tracy through her workshops which, I found to be very useful and thought provoking. She guides you on searching for a position that is a good fit for you while matching your strengths and career goals. Trust the process, you wont regret it. The one key take away, Tracy shows you how to get past the ATS (application tracking system), it makes so much sense. I feel so much more confident when I apply for positions

The entire process has been extremely positive and outright inspiring!!!

I am so happy and grateful for finding Tracy and working with her. The entire process has been extremely positive and outright inspiring. Tracy has been able to revive the passion that I might have lost for a minute and give me the tools that I needed to put work into myself first. I was so amazed how accurate the assessment was and how to the point our coaching sessions have been after that. It felt as is she had known me for years. Thank you Tracy for everything and never stop putting all this positive energy back into the world.

She reads you like a book! Finally, someone who is doing the voice-over of your life!

The assessment took me 20 minutes to complete. Clear, simple, no tricky questions. Once it was completed, I got a written analysis of my results with graphs and definition. A couple of days later, Tracy joined me on a video call, and with a warm and clear voice explained off all parts of the results and touched the core of who I am as a business person. She reads you like a book! Finally, someone who is doing the voice-over of your life! In some areas you ‘see’ yourself, everything checks with you, no brainer. After all, who better than you knows you best? However, in other areas… you get the feeling of not knowing you at all, yet you see it as intriguing! You start thinking that there might be a Dr. Jekyll or a Mr. Hyde in you and you never knew!

Esteban Giugovaz BDM Lamex Foods, Inc

She is a professional and reliable ‎coach!!!

Working with Tracy was a great experience; I took the assessment and coaching session. I am relatively ‎new to the US market; Tracy successfully analyzed my skill set and previous experiences and ‎partnered with me to find what the perfect fit would be in the market and the direction I could excel ‎in. Tracy is very knowledgeable and would not spare any help or advice from her client, I even forgot I ‎was a client at some point, and she was more of a supportive friend. She is a professional and reliable ‎coach.

I highly recommend the Kawa Assessment!!!

Tracy is a highly skilled career development coach and skills assessment professional. I highly recommend the Kawa Assessment; we can all benefit from identifying our "business DNA" and Tracy's expertise as she guides you through an action plan to help you land your ideal position at a company that shares your values. Her resume writing and development skills are best in class. I strongly recommend Tracy!

Steve Mirabella CEO at SSM Consulting