I am the Queen of the 20 year relationship.  In the first relationship, my then-partner didn’t want kids.  In the second, my partner didn’t want marriage.  In business terms, one could say that negotiation was never my thing, as I was unable to “close” either “deal” at the time.

But I’ll tell you what is my thing: helping others to go exactly where they want to go in their careers.  Now, that, I am extremely successful at!

My first relationship allowed me to support my then-husband in his dream of growing the largest and most successful orthodontic practice in the world.  My second relationship was a constant struggle, and finally culminated in that partner’s dream of achieving the successful launch of his singing career.  

What will this next chapter hold for me? I can honestly say, “Anything that I design for myself.”  It’s time for me to focus on myself and my programs, so that I can support as many other people as possible.

Currently I am the exuberant host of 2 successful Podcasts, one created to support positive child rearing, and the second designed to support women in the franchise industry. I have my second career book coming out this fall, currently in its third round of edits and about to enter the book cover design phase. 

I am CEO of a company which developed a powerful career Assessment tool to help individuals understand their unique professional DNA and their “business selves,” successfully pivot careers, and construct high-performing teams. Plus, I created a Certification Training Program to train Coaches on how to deliver this clarifying and eye-opening tool.  Today, I work with an incredible team of Kawa Certified Coaches who put themselves out there every day in order to make a difference in the world.

I feel blessed to be able to impact the lives of countless people.  Truly, I am looking forward to exploring all possibilities that G-d brings my way.  We never know where the journey might take us!

For those of you who don’t know me yet, I’m Tracy Faith Kawa, and it’s nice to meet you! 

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