What is the Kawa Business Assessment Tool, aka K-BAT!

The Kawa Business Assessment Tool, also known as K-BAT, is an assessment tool created by a behavioral scientist and used by business owners and professionals to determine their unique individual business dna, or their ‘professional selves’.


What information is included in K-BAT?

KBAT reveals a professionals: Values

Value conflicts

Skills and strengths

Organizational size ideal fit

Work culture

Selling style

Decision making process

Who needs the K-BAT?

K-BAT is for anyone looking to grow their business or take their career to its next level.

When would someone need K-BAT?

Anytime someone is feeling stuck, entering a career pivot or transition, or just feeling like they have more to give - that’s the time when they need K-BAT.

What is the K-BAT used for?

K-BAT will reveal the information that a professional needs to help them get ‘unstuck’ and make their career transitions easier,  K-BAT delivers the information needed to help you hire the right people and place them in the right positions.  K-BAT will help uncover your pain points, so you can focus your efforts where they will make the greatest impact.

What type of professionals rely on the K-BAT?

Business owners and professionals of all types rely on the information uncovered with K-BAT.  Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, C-suite executives, middle managers and team members will all benefit from K-BAT.  

How often should a professional take the K-BAT?

Professionals can retake K-BAT annually or every 6 months, depending on the changes taking place in their work environments. 

While growing your business, entrepreneurs can retake K-BAT every 3 to 6 months, to give you a clearer understanding at each stage of development.

How can I use K-BAT as a job transition tool?

As a job transition tool, K-BAT will support you in identifying your ideal role and type of company that is best suited for you.  

How can I use K-BAT to build my business?

As a business building tool, K-BAT will show you your strengths and where you need to place your focus for greatest impact and results.  K-BAT will also support you in developing your ideal team, complete with shared values and complementary skill sets.

What is the K-BAT difference?

K-BAT finds itself among many wonderful tools in the marketplace.  The difference is that K-BAT is based on 7 different highly recognized sciences, that combine into a singular algorithm for the most succinct and critical information that a professional needs today.

Can I brand my own Assessment with my logo?

Absolutely!  Your Assessment is still based in our science, however it is branded with your logo and company color palette for a seamless point of entry into your company, services and products.

How do I take the Assessment?  

The Assessment is taken at your leisure, in approximately 15 minutes.  Together, we review your results to create the Action Steps that you immediately need to take.

KBAT includes:

An online assessment

Front end report

Back end report

45 minute walk-through: your choice 1 to 1, or with a team of coaches and consultants.

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