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Tracy Kawa has a true gift for building relationships between people and their respective businesses. The synergy that her team creates is astounding. She is a true professional with exceptional skills and a winning personality.

Dale Miller

Founder Daring by Design - award winning commercial interior design firm

Tracy Kawa gets to the source of individuals’ and organizations’ million dollar value and then brands their differentiators to produce highly effective results.

Mia Hewett

Leadership, Executive, Entrepreneurial Coaching & Host of ​"The Conversation with Mia Hewett" Sponsored by Forbes on BYL

Adrienne Parker – Parker Avenue, ‘Girl on a Mission’:  Tracy works with coaches, professionals, and HR directors. She has developed a unique and brilliant assessment tool that reveals deep insights for people who want to make changes in their professional lives. The assessment results come back in a well-written and insightful report. In fact, I just got off the phone with her and the whole session was over-the-top wonderful. I have new insights and a new perspective on things I’ve been struggling to figure out for years. Her feedback was so fresh and right on. Honestly, I couldn’t have done this without her. I can’t wait to put her ideas into action. I’m really jazzed.

Adrienne Parker

Parker Avenue - Girl on a Mission

The Kawa Assessment pointed out my business strengths and values that I didn’t even know that I had. It guided me in the direction of going back to school for art management, which is an idea I have been wavering back and forth with for a while. The results coincided with the Myers-Briggs test that I took last week; whereas that was more of a social personality test, this assessment was more career oriented with my strengths in the workplace. Overall, it gave me motivation and comfort going forward into the next phase of my professional life.

Chelsea G.