Tracy Kawa

Speaker, Author, Trainer & Success Coach

Hi, I’m Tracy! If you are anything like me, you too may have had an atypical career path… up until now!  I’ve devised a process, based on science, that will uncover your ideal place in the market, and I’ve used this tried & true method with hundreds of people and with great success!

My Story

After a series of early successes, I still felt unfulfilled, and like I had so much more to give.  I realized that my successes were not my actual passions.  So I went on an exploration… from successful co-business owner, to unsuccessful solopreneur and investor, to quasi-successful artist, back to successful author and entrepreneur.  I can honestly say, it’s been a journey.  

I have worked in corporate America, small family-run businesses, and as a solopreneur.  I have had career pivots, career earthquakes, and career successes.  I’ve experienced it all!  So I know what goes into a smooth career transition, and how to disrupt the endless loop of critique that plays in our heads over and over again when we find ourselves at a place in life that we never expected to be by now.

My message to you is that it is okay to be in your information gathering phase.  Give yourself permission to explore what you are most passionate about in life, be it a career, side hustle, or hobby.  Everyone is an expert in something!  Find out what you are an expert in, and where that intersects with your interests and skills, so that you too can step into your Zone of Purpose! 


My Core Values 

God and Faith

Thank you to God for giving each and every person on earth a calling.  Some of us are blessed enough to figure this out early on.  Others of us have to seek out our calling, and when we find it, it is the most fulfilling and authentic place to be. 


The most important component to me is how I can be a stand for your success… as a coach, as a career transitioner, as an entrepreneur.


There’s nothing more important than family and community.  How we show up for others speaks volumes about who we are, and what mark we will leave on the world.


We may not have experienced what others are going through, but we surely can imagine ourselves in their shoes, if even for a few moments. Empathy is one of the most important traits we can exhibit, and whether or not we show empathy to others reveals a lot about our own character.


A hybrid of ‘see something, say something’, and ‘self-reliance’, it is critical for each and every single person to step up to make this world a better, more harmonious and productive place.

Tracy Faith Kawa

 is a Trainer & Success Coach, sought after Author, Speaker, & Podcaster, and Community Advocate!


In her first book, “The Seven Pillars of Reinvention: Finding Your Passion & Purpose,” Tracy helps you explore ‘the right’ career path questions.  In her second book, “Faith, Hope, & Options – A Mid-Career Transitioner’s Bible,” Tracy shares her system for career development and identifying your calling. 


To support you in fast-tracking your mid-career transition, Tracy applies her experience and perfected process using the Kawa Business Assessment Tool (KBAT), leading an insightful, dedicated team of Coaches in implementing its proven science to benefit hundreds of professionals, entrepreneurs, and organizations. 


From those stepping back into the workforce, to a CTO securing an additional $13.5 million in funding, to entrepreneurs winning $10,000 in competition prizes, Tracy helps build clarity, confidence, and certainty ​​ always beginning with assessing your unique professional ‘DNA’!  


“Tracy is passionate about connecting individuals to their communities and to their calling, supporting them in climbing upon their highest vision of themselves, and harnessing their God-given gifts and talents to thrive in their careers!”


Control your Life, Assess for Success, and Create Action Steps to reach YOUR GOALS! 




  • Faith, Hope, and Options – A Mid-Career Transitioner’s Bible
  • The Seven Pillars of Reinvention: Finding Your Passion & Purpose

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